MATH 320 - Spring 2020


Discussion 365

  • Time: Tue 2:25 – 3:15pm
  • Live on BBCollaborate

Office Hour

MTThu: Noon-1pm BBCollaborate Ultra

W: 11-noon. BBC Ultra

Discussion 365 Outline

For an updated plan due to campus shutdown, see your email. Much of the following information is no longer applicable.

Quizzes are at the end of section.

Approximately one quiz every other week. Lowest quiz score will be dropped from the grade calculation. This is to account for any unforeseen circumstances or obligations that require you to miss the quiz. Therefore, no make-up quizzes will be offered.

Homeworks are due at the beginning of Friday lecture.

  • Homework MUST be stapled together.
  • Your name must be highlighted on the front page.

No makeup homeworks or quizzes.

The system with dropping the lowest quiz and HW score is to allow for emergencies or situations where you must miss sections. If you must miss a Friday lecture, plan ahead and ask a classmate to turn in your homework for you.

This is the official course policy set by the professor. For your advantage, you will want to only use the drop when you absolutely have to, ie, when there is an unavoidable conflict/emergency. Try not to take a drop simply because you are not prepared.

Restrict emails to me for emergencies and confidential matters.

If you have a concern, please come talk to me during office hours.

My Office Hours are: Updated on left panel!

Thu, 11:15am – 12pm and 2:30pm-3:45pm Van Vleck 722.

Switches between sections

  • If you must miss a discussion day for unavoidable reasons, you do not need to inform me. However, prolonged absences should be communicated so that I do not worry about you.
  • You are welcome to sit in my discussion even if you are not registered, but you will have to take your quizzes and turn in your assignments to your officially registered discussion section.
  • If you wish to permanently switch from my section to a different TA’s (which is totally fine – no hurt feelings), or from someone else’s section to mine, please do so officially, using the “Swap” feature on Course Search and Enroll (in MyUW).

Final Exam: Friday, May 8, 10:05am-12:05pm, Room TBD.

Week 13: System of high order ODE. System with forcing. Quiz 4.

Week 12: Solving system of ODE, Defective eigen values.

Midterm 2: Friday, April 10
Week 11: Midterm 2 Review.  Midterm.

Week 10: All instructions and materials moved to online. LU-Decomposition.

Week 9: COVID-19 Shut down campus. Spring Break starts

Week 8: LU-Decomposition. Inverses. Determinants.

Week 7: Quiz 2. Matrices.

Week 6: System of ODE. See videos on Youtube Channel.

Midterm 1: Friday, February 21

Review 1: Thu, 02/20/20, 4-5:30pm. Van Hise 104

Week 4: Second Order Linear ODE

Week 3: Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions

Week 2: Methods of Approximation

Week 1: Review/Intro to ODE

Travel: Feb 11, 2020. March 24-30, 2020. Discussion will have a sub. OH canceled.

Midterm 2: Friday, April 10
Final Exam: Friday, May 8, 10:05am-12:05pm, Room TBD.