Harry Main-Luu

Knowledge is discovered to be shared…


  • B.A. in Mathematics, UC Berkeley 2018. Mathematics enthusiast, interested in logic, combinatorics, and analysis.
  • Known to spend hours thinking deeply about mathematics and passionate to share those thoughts with others, through learning, collaboration or teaching.


- B.A., Mathematics, UC Berkeley 2018, Highest Honors.
- PhD, Mathematical Logic, UW-Madison, in progress.


- TA, UW-Madison (current)
- Lecturer, Berkeley Math Circle (current)
- Graduate Student Instructor, UC Berkeley (2018)
- Performance Manager, Segerstrom Center for the Arts (2012-2016)


- Graduate Fellowship, UW-Madison
- University Medal Runner-up (Campus-wide valedictorian), UC Berkeley, 2019
- Outstanding GSI Teaching Award, UC Berkeley, 2019
- Dorothea Klumpke Roberts Prize, UC Berkeley, 2019
- Quantedge, UC Berkeley, 2018