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What's Fun about Maths?

I spent a lot of, maybe too much, time thinking about mathematics in all levels (up to what I know). Here are just a few ideas I have gathered throughout my time studying and teaching mathematics, from middle school all the way to grad school and likely the end of my life.

Teacher Resources

- Fun math sessions by age/background
- Helpful tips/articles on teaching math effectively
- Problem collections

Math Fun Facts

- Most of these are facts I gathered/discovered that I think are helpful for students to know.
- Some are just pure fun facts to entertain math nerds.

Shout-outs and PA

- Math community shout-outs.
- Stories/Biographical snippets of mathematicians I run into.

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At the moment, I intend to keep this page 100% open source. If I ever sell any lessons/books and you feel like you can't afford it, just contact me to see if I have any copies laying around.

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