Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The link is at Just fill out a very short Google Form, and you can come pick up the plants when they are ready to be adopted.ย 

The plant pick up location is a public corner in front of a church. (So if you are a vampire, this may not be for you!) I will just leave the plant kit there with your name on it, and you can pick it up, kinda like grabbing some curbside items on your morning walk. No contact needed.

There is no catch! I am not collecting your information or asking/expecting anything in return. Plants are what get me through a really tough time when I was/am at a low, and I’m just hoping I can embark you on the same journey of recovery through plant therapy. Having plants is also a little more environmentally beneficial than a pet.

I currently do not have the resources (time, efforts, and finance) to mail the plants across the country. So local pickup in Madison, WI is the only reliable method. I sometimes travel to Lubbock, TX and Chicago and can possibly bring a couple of kits with me, but no promises.

In general, no. It is a tough time out there, and I understand that many people cannot/should not leave their residence. I try to limit my outings as well. I do travel to downtown/campus area weekly and go groceries shopping. So if you live right next to my grocery store, I do not mind bringing the plants to you. ๐Ÿ™‚

Idk <insert emoji here>. The joy of plants? AND the joy of sharing plants with others?

I have a handful of local plant friends who graciously donate their time to propagate and care for many of the plants in these kits. I may set up a plant wishlist later for materials (LED growlight, eco-friendly growing medium, pots, etc). But for now, I want to honor my word that I truly do not expect anything in return. I fear that if I set up a donation site then I turn away people who want to get plants but feel obligated to donate, which is NOT the point.

Depending on interest and how much I have to scale this project up, I may hold a plant sale fundraiser in early spring for rarer, picky plants! ๐Ÿ™‚

This project is meant for beginners (people who are new and do not have many plants). The kit usually contains plants that are somewhat easy to care for, very common plants (example kits are written in the main page). I try to update the plant list about one week before the adoption date to be a bit more accurate, depending on how the rooting of my propagations takes.