MATH 222 - Fall 2019

Discussion 366

  • Time: TThu 11 – 11:50am
  • Room: Van Vleck B329

Discussion 371

  • Time: TThu 2:25 – 3:15pm
  • Room: Van Vleck B105

Discussion Outline

1. Quizzes are on Thursdays at the end of section.

Two lowest quiz scores will be dropped from the grade calculation. This is to account for any unforeseen circumstances or obligations that require you to miss the quiz. Therefore, no make-up quizzes will be offered.

2. Homeworks are due by the end of Thursdays, on WebAssign.

You need to access your homework from the course Canvas site.

3. No makeup homeworks, quizzes.

The system with dropped quiz scores and HW’s is to allow for emergencies or situations where you must miss sections.

This is the official course policy set by the professor. For your advantage, you will want to only use the drops when you absolutely have to, ie, when there is an unavoidable conflict/emergency.

4. Restrict emails to me for emergencies and confidential matters.

If you have a concern, please come talk to me during office hours.

My OH are: Thu Fri 9:50 – 10:50am Van Vleck 722.

5. Switches between sections

  • If you must miss a discussion day and would like to attend my other section in the same day, you can do so by informing me.
  • If you wish to permanently switch from my section to a different TA’s (which is totally fine – no hurt feelings), or from someone else’s section to mine, or even between my two sections, PLEASE do so officially, using the “Swap” feature on Course Search and Enroll (in MyUW).

Final Exam:  Fri 12/13 2:45-4:45pm Sterling 1310

Final Review: Wed 5-7pm Van Vleck B102

Midterm 2: Thurs 11/14 5:30-7pm MicroBio 1520

Week 10: Reviews/Power Series.

Week 9: Reviews

Week 3: Tuesday – Partial Fractions.

Week 2: Quiz 1 coming soon! This Thursday in section: focus on materials up to Integration by Parts and Reduction Formulas.

Week 1: Review of Integrations from Calculus 1.